Saturday, August 29, 2009

28 August 2009 – Gracia Barcelona

Today represents my first day as an apartment holder in Barcelona. At 11:00 AM I paid an outrageous security deposit and two months of rent in exchange for a spacious one bedroom flat in the Gracia neighborhood, the Greenwich Village of Barcelona. Due partly to my location, partly to the poor performance of the US Dollar, and partly to my lack of roommate, this apartment is over two and half times more expensive than any other apartment of mine. Most notably, however, I paid a premium to have a “furnished” apartment.
Going into the day, all my possessions fit into two bags, the backpack which accompanied me on most of my major travel adventures—including this summer’s hike—and a small gym bag that I got for free after buying a pair of shoes. Being that I didn’t own a bed, a table, kitchenware, or just about anything else that wouldn’t fit into one of these bags, I decided the furnished apartment would be a good fit. It would also allow me to remain simplified, preventing me from having to accumulate unnecessary shit that would make me need to have more than two bags when I next move.
Shortly after moving my two bags into my new apartment, I realized that this furnished apartment was still going to force me to add to my possession list. I had specifically asked for no television, and I was happy to see none. Nevertheless, there were a number of other typical apartment items missing: a table, a chair, a knife (though I have about 15 spoons), a bed frame (I have a mattress sitting on the floor)… I did get a ladder and a Christmas tree. I estimate the ceiling to be about thirteen feet, and the ladder is intended to reach all the shelving that starts at about nine feet high. Considering I only have two bags of items, the shelving will remain empty except for my newly acquired Christmas tree.
The moral of today’s entry: I have a new apartment with plenty of space and an extra key; anyone is welcome to come and stay. I also am going to have to buy another bag’s worth of stuff.

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