Sunday, January 31, 2010

1 January 2010 – Barcelona, my apartment

The clock just struck midnight. It has been midnight for less than fifteen minutes, and I am blown away by the excitement of my neighbors. I always thought that I lived in an enthused neighborhood, but never have I witnessed such pandemonium. Everyone is out in the streets, lighting firecrackers, and reveling in the New Year. But why? What does it matter?

New Years is just some arbitrary date. We needed to have some date to start a new year, so somebody years ago picked today. I don’t see why it is so important, worthy of not just a rare day-off but of a night of debauchery. There is no significance to this date. I find it difficult to celebrate. As a matter of fact, I will be cursing it for weeks as I try to remember that we are now in 2010 and that when I sign any dates, I need to write 2010, not 2009. I’d rather celebrate just about any other night…and I do.

I suppose I could use the day as a point of reflection. It does represent one rotation around the sun. I have only experienced 25 of those in my life. It is a good unit of measurement. In this year, I have experienced a number of changes. Not only did I partake in my most influential event of my life, but I also saw myself relocating to a new continent. It was an important year. It is amazing to think how differently I thought just 365 revolutions ago. I would have never been able to predict what I am doing now. I’m not sure if 2010 will be more transformational. I plan on staying put in this country as I work on my MBA. Nevertheless, who knows what experiences will change me? Who will enter into my life? How much will I change?
Two thousand ten: be more than just some arbitrary date.

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