Monday, July 13, 2009

10 July 2009 - Bonaparte Lake, Washington

Today was day 28 on the trail. Despite being roughly half done, we have yet to meet a single overnight hiker on the trail. I am surprised by the complete lack of trail use, not just by PNT through hikers but by anyone. Aside from our very first day in Glacier, we have not seen a single other person hiking, period.

Even though we have encountered no other hikers, we have met more travelers than I expected. IT feels like half the people we meet are on their own adventure. I'm not sure if there are always this many travelers in a ny given place, but I've never noticed. It's probable that because I obviously look like a traveler, other travelers notice me and vice versa. Additionally, I am probably spending more time in traveler popular areas (places with clean water or washroom facilities).

For example, yesterday I sat in a city park for about an hour. During that time about four groups of people passed through the park. Two sets of those people stopped to talk with me; both sets were travelers on road trips doing tent camping. Today at a conveinence store, I talked to the one other person there. He was biking from Anchorage to Seattle.

The world is full of people out doing amazing adventures. It's easy to think that everyone is just fulfilling the status quo. I will never think that again. Instead, I'll be approaching people hoping to hear their story.

Having fun with my harmonica.

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