Saturday, July 25, 2009

22 July 2009 - Mt. Baker Wilderness - Ruth Creek

Today marked the 40th day since hiking began in Glacier National Park. Below is a list of all the items I am carrying (minus food), and their current condition after 40 days.

[N = New Item purchased for trip, O = Old item used on previous trips]

  • Salomon Goretex Trail Shoes (N) - Completely shot. Laces broken. Large holes in both toe boxes make shoes look like sandals. All traction has worn off, making dangerous on up and down grades (which is all I do). Will buy replacement shoes in Bellingham.

  • Smart Wool Socks 2 pair (N) - Despite my efforts to clean a pair each day, these each carry a few pounds of dirt, are very stiff, contain awful odors, but have no holes.

  • Champion Running Shorts (O) - Three holes have developed, and they smell like sweat which shouldn't be a surprise considering they double as my underwear.

  • Black "diaper" wind brief underwear (O) - Rarely wear. Brough as a novelty to make other hikers awkward. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet another hiker while wearing them.

  • Rainpants (O) - 4 or 5 new holes, but they are still waterproof. Double as my only pair of pants and are effective at stopping mosquite bites.

  • Columbia Raincoat (O) - Has helded up fine. Primarily serves as a barrier against mosquitoes. Breathes poorly, making it impracticle on hot days.

  • Mt. Hardware Long Sleeve T (O) - Have worn for at least part of the day everyday. Breathes well. Covered in blood, tree pitch, and ash stains. Large hole on right elbow caused by fall.

  • Champion Long Sleeve T (O) - Only wear on cold nights. No change in condition.

  • Timex Watch (O) - Large scratch over the hour digit.

  • Tilley Airflow hat (N) - Wear constantly while hiking. Stained and smelly, but no major breaks.

  • REI trekking poles (N) - Completely scratched up, bent, one pole jammed so it doesn't change size, both baskets have fallen off, and a deer ate noticeable chunks out of both handles.

  • REI morningstar backpack (O) - Just as strudy as when I bought it in 2005.

  • Lycra gloves (O) - No changes besides odor.

  • Bear spray (N) - Unused but taken out of the holster a few times.

  • Rope (N) - Covered in pitch. About 1 yard was gnawed on by a deer.

  • Bear Bell (N) - Missing cover. Quit using.

  • Sasquatch Journal (N) - Intact but a bad journal to begin with.

  • Toiletry Items (N) - Smaller quantities remain.

  • Hiker Pro Waterfilter (O) - Need replacement filter. Used more than expected because Aquamira bottle/filter fell off of a cliff.

  • MSR Bladder (3 liter water holder) (N) - slight leak when full

  • Bungee cord (O) - good.

  • Harmonica in key of C (N) - Getting rusty

  • Spork (N) - good.

  • Plate (N) - have yet to use.

  • Bic lighter (N) - fell in pitch so doesn't stay lit long. I do not anticipate on making another fire for the remainder of the trip

  • Compass (O) - I sure hope it works still. I got this far.

  • Duct tape (O) - good.

  • REI Tent fly (N) - 1 hole that I ducted taped up. Other parts of tent are carried by Rachel and Dave.

  • MSR stove and fuel (N) - Good. Quit using. Only eating dry food now.

  • Passport (O) - I sure hope its intact

  • Wallet (O) - I sure hope its intact

  • Knife (O) - sand in the handle

  • Towel (O) - very stained

  • Kelty Light Yr Sleeping Bag (O) - smells worse

  • Thermarest Prolite small sleeping pad (O) - stained

  • Greatland headlamp (O) - Falls apart daily

  • Pink camo pocket bible (N) - Good. I'm into Chronicles.

Body Inventory

  • Feet - extremely dried out and shrunk. Calluses throughout. Left big toe is black. Right big toe in pain, shoots out puss.

  • Legs - there is not a single square inch that doesn't have a cut, bruise, or bug bite

  • Abdomen - Backpack tan

  • Arms - Large gouge on right arm

  • Shoulders - looks like one huge bug bite

  • Beard - Awesome. Roughly 1.5 inches long.

Cascades in the Cascades. I understand where the park gets its name.

Glaciers and cascades in the Cascades.

Cascades in the Cascades.

More glaciers.

A river that we camped next to. This is either in the North Cascades or it is the Pasayten River which we hiked in for hours.

David and Rachel taking a cable car across river.

Taking a cable car across a stream in the North Cascades.

Got to have more harmonica.

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  1. So you aren't carrying a picture of me to inspire you?
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