Wednesday, July 1, 2009

26 June 2009 - NW of Bonners Ferry

Yesterday we resupplied in Bonners Ferry, and today we are back heading NW. We will have roughly 150 miles to cover in the next seven days before we get to our next town to stock up. Our bags are wegihted down with a weeks worth of food. In this next week, I don't anticipate that we will encounter many people. We have yet to meet anyone hiking yet.

We are all getting so acclimated with living out in the wilderness with the fresh air that last night in a hotel was difficult. The air felt so stale and the artificial lights felt articifical. It is nice to be out in the fresh air again. It's also nice to see some wildlife. Today we passed through a National Wildlife Resrve and a Nature Conservacy Reserve and entered into a new National Forest. In the process we saw a mosse and many deer, primarily from afar.

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