Friday, June 19, 2009

11 June 2009 - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

For the fourth night in a row, I will be sleeping in a different city/state: Minneapolis, MN; Winterset, IA; Golden,CO; Jackson Hole, WY. Tomorrow, I'll add Montana to the list, and then there will be little change in my location as I begin the slow walk west to the ocean.

We are making our road trip in a Prius which is full to the brim with backpacks and people. Today we drove with five people and for the first 30 minutes we even had a rambunctious dog as a passenger. Despite the crowded car, the ride has been very enjoyable thanks to some good music and to my newly purchased pink camo bible which I have already read 20%.

Aside from the scenery, there are few highlights of spending the entire day in the car. Today, however, Dave's driving created some excitement: we were pulled over, learned that Dave was driving on a suspended licenses, causing a visit from half the law enforcement officers in Wyoming--including a visit from a drug sniffing dog. I imagine we must have looked rather bizarre crossing WY in an overloaded Prius--me with long hair, a beard, a ranger hate, and a pink bible (I apparently look like a gay preacher)--but we were ultimately allowed to go.

I'm writing this from a hostel at the base of the Jackson Hold ski resort. The other four occupants in my room are trying to sleep, but I am being "that guy" having some wine and keeping the lights on. For the past ten minutes I have written nothing; instead, I have kept the lights blaring while I have tried to think of something insightful to say besides just regurgitating recent events. I know that I will have countless life changing thoughts on this trip, but so far I have none. I am not going to force something for the sake of having text.

Picture outside of gas station where I purchased a pink, camo bible.

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