Friday, June 5, 2009

3 June 2009 - Barcelona

I enjoy traveling by myself. For example, tonight I am sharing a room with five girls and no guys--not bad. I also like it because you are not tied to the desires of others (perhaps this comment would make me a bad spouse). I have successfully traveled on long trips with others, but last night I witnessed a situation which clearly illustrated some potential issues of traveling with others. Last night I turned down the offer to go out to the clubs in exchange for some much needed rest. My rest was interrupted when the three Minnesotans sharing the room with me, experienced some friction. They had successfully traveled together for nearly a month, but last night they reached a tipping point. Below are some key quotes from the hour long fight which woke me at 2:30 am:

  • I just want to hit you. (A to B)
  • You're just like mom. You hate her, but are the same. That kills you. (B to C)
  • You're jealous I was popular in high school, and you weren't. (C to B)
  • It's too bad your little sister is in Harvard grad school, and you haven't finished your undergrad. (C to B)
  • You're too judgmental. (A to C)
  • This is my trip. I let you come. (B to C)
  • It fucking sucks doing all the planning. I hate being our tour guide. Somebody else do it. (B to A and C)
  • Not everyone cares about what you have to say. (A to C)
  • So what if we're anti-social. That's who we are. (A and B to C)
After some silence, I responded from my corner bunk:
  • I had some great fallafel today. (Me to A and B and C)

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