Friday, June 5, 2009

31 May 2009 - Barcelona - Bogatell Beach

I'm gradually becoming more and more laid back, accepting that my job is done and that my responsibilities are practically non-existent. The last two days have been non-stop, little/no sleep with lots of awe. I have spent all my time with future classmates. Each day I become more impressed with my future school and of the caliber of the students. The only foreseen friction is the lifestyle disconnect. Spain is a country for me--far more laidback/chill/real than any other place I've been, especially the US. On the other hand, business school is anything but laidback. A lot of my classmates I think are too stressed for Spain. We'll see what gives.

I have accepted that I cannot get anything done here before moving in August (apartment, phone, residency). That concept frustrates many, but it makes me relieved that I can't worry about anything because I cannot address anything for a few more months.

Everyday has been clear sky with temps in the high 80s. This will be the biggest adjustment for me.

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