Thursday, June 25, 2009

20 June 2009 - West of Rexford, MT

Minus yesterday, we've been doing about 20 miles a day. Yesterday, we spent extended time in the city of Eureka, MT. In Eureka, re restocked on food, sent some emails, bathed, and had some fun. We arrived the night before and went to the one restaurant that was non-smoking. There was live music from a guy originally from MN, and he even sang a song about Hibbing. After his set he sat down with us for awhile.

Yesterday afternoon we took a short hike to the hamlet of Rexford. We had some burgers, and afterwards I took a swim in the Koocanusa resevoir, causing a scene for all those in our campground (to most it was too cold to swim).

Today we hiked roughly 22 miles, crossing the Koocanusa and ascending 3000+ feet to the summit of Webb Mountain. There was no water on the route, so I carried an extra few liters, making the climb that much more difficult. At the top was a forest service observation cabin. It was all locked up, but we took a nap outside and then proceded west.

For the hike, we've been following a guidebook published seven yeras ago. This caused some problems today as all the recent clear cut taht the autor discussed had since turned into a young forest. We bushwacked for a long time until we hit an old "road." The road hadn't been used in at least a decade, and it looked more like a forest than a road. We ultimately verified our bearings and tonight are camped in a field bording a smal stream. I am ready to pass out, but first I need to do another thorough check for ticks. We have found many thanks to our bushwacking.

Our tent is in a field, surround by tons of animal droppings from different species. There is the common feces seen throughout the trail from bear and deer. There may be some very old wolf scat as well. And because we are not too far from a more used trail, there is some horse shit. I am confused by some huge piles that look like cowpies. I have not seen anything like this on all our trip. I don't know how cows could have gotten out here.

Music in Eureka.

Rexford...we had to stop.

Crossing the bridge over the Koocanusa reservoir. It was a tad windy.

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